NCTUxMVP International Startup Workshop Series
2020年07月03日 (五) 13:30

📢📢參加 NCTU 交大產運中心-創業育成 和 MVP Fastlane合辦的【NCTUxMVP International Startup Workshop Series】
每週五下午的👨‍🏫workshop與🗣️office hour,提供給你最新的創業資訊
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⭐️ 報名連結:
(7/2 23:59報名截止。課程多為英文進行。)
⭐️ 最後一堂課程為Pitch Demo Day,讓你與專業VC/Angel 投資人面對面!
⭐️ 出席率達90%的學員,將會得到精美的區塊鏈證書🏅(感謝 TuringCerts 圖靈證書 技術協助)

我們是MVP Fastlane,致力於打造連接台美新創生態系的雙向橋樑:將台灣資金投資美國的優質新創,協助美國新創進行產品策略設計開發、並進軍台灣。
自2017年成立至今,公司已為至少20間客戶融資、研發產品、在台灣成立研發團隊。更多詳情請上MVP Fastlane官網:

Having a startup dream? Then don’t miss out NCTUxMVP International Startup Workshop Series! Join us every Friday to get first hand information on startups for free.🙌

⭐️Application Link: Click Here
(deadline: 7/2 23:59. The course is mainly lectured in English. )
⭐️Pitch Demo Day will be held on the last course. VCs and Angel Investors will be invited as judges.
⭐️Participants who finish the courses with 90% or above attendance rate will receive a certificate of completion.

This is MVP Fastlane(,
a company dedicated to building a bridge between US and Taiwan startup ecosystems. Our visions are:
🎯Lead in the startup & innovation culture from the US to Taiwan.
🎯Lead in outstanding software development resources from Taiwan to the US.
🎯Re-build the software development culture and game rules in Taiwan.
🎯Bring more opportunities and challenges to Taiwan.

Workshop Details
Welcome to NCTUxMVP International Startup Workshop Series!
Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration designed to provide superior experiences in diversity industry for technical and non-technical student. This workshop is the perfect environment in which to test your idea and take the first steps towards launching your own startup. All the workshop is free, welcome to join us!
Programmes: ( the office hour will be the same time in the next week of each class)
07/03【Introduction】Overview the Course. What is Startup & Resources in Taiwan?
07/17【Build Product I】How to Evaluate Startup Ideas? How to Plan an MVP
07/31【Build Product II】How to Talk to Users? How to Launch?
08/14【Agile】All About Pivoting. How to Pitch Your Startup
08/28【Business Model】Startup Pricing 101. Nine Business Models and the Metrics Investors Want
09/11【Growth I】How to Set KPIs and Goals? How to Work Together? How to Prioritize Your Time
09/25【Growth II】Growth for Startups. How to Improve Conversion Rates?
10/16【Financial Plan】Managing Startup Finances. Modern Startup Funding
10/30【Leadership】Building Culture. How to Lead?

Friday, from 13:30 to 15:00

Course Location
CPT Building 7F 703 co-working space, Guangfu Campus, NCTU Hsinchu
Seating is limited. Please register early.

1. Fill in all information on "Apply NCTUxMVP International Startup Workshop Series ! "
2.We will send confimed email before 7/1 to those who successfully registed.

Host by
MVP Fastlane & NCTU
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Center for Academia-Industry Collaboration
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Contact Info:
Miss Minyu Liou
Miss Yenling Hsu

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